Year 6s Get Ready For School Journey

As we get ready for the Year 6 School Journey to North Wales, I thought I would let you know what we intend to do whilst we are away.

As part of the diary work that the Year 6s will be doing this year, we would like them to ‘blog’ about each of the days straight onto our website. For that reason, each evening, we will invite some of the Year 6s to produce something that we can share with all of you. We will look to include photographs from the day’s visit as well as some writing about what they have been up to.

Keep a look out each evening for the next instalment. We will tweet to let you know that something else has been added that might be of interest. This is in addition to the tweets that we will be sending home just for the parents of the Year 6 pupils.

We hope you enjoy reading their work.

To get us started, here are Mabel’s thoughts as we get ready to go…

What I am expecting when we are on school journey?

I can’t wait to go on school journey, it’s going to be so fun! But pretty hard work! Though I am expecting there to be a lot of pretty places there, I’m going to tell you what I am expecting Snowdonia (in Wales) will be like!

First I am expecting that the house we are staying in is going to be grand but cosy, and the bedrooms will be medium sized but spacious and warm. I think the dining room where we eat, will be large and will smell nice from all that cooking everyday! I am expecting there will be a lounge, for us to ‘have quite time’ – settling down time with a mug of hot chocolate time!

I am expecting Mount Snowdon to be super and have frosted snow drops at the top! Mount Snowdon will be grey and will have a cone shape look to it! There will be a walking path to lead us up Snowdon and it will be firm and steady.

I am expecting the villages and towns to be petite and have a homely feel to them. I am expecting them to have a lot of shops with clothing in to climb up Mount Snowdon, I don’t know why but I just do! And I expect them to have little sweet shops and maybe a sweet cafe. There will be a fair bit of history in the villages and towns and we will have our notebooks to jot notes down to help us remember the facts about all the famous saints and stuff about Saint David!

By Mabel