Year 6s Arrived Safely

We shouldn’t really start by mentioning the weather in case we jinx it, but all is looking good for the week ahead. We might even get on Harlech beach this year!

Anyway, the journey was great and the pupils were soon eating their (enormous) packed lunches. The staff appreciated those pupils who shared their treats with them and I think a few personal points were given for Harry’s mini chocolate digestives! Yummy!

After lunch the pupils had a chance to explore the Victorian Town and had a look in the printers, the woodturners, the candle makers amongst other workshops. We were very impressed with George who managed to answer a question today that has only been answered on four previous occasions in the last eleven years. After visiting the shop to buy presents for parents (don’t hold your breaths!) we were on our way again… Next stop Plas Tan y Bwlch.

I do like the pupils’ reactions when they first see The Plas, it’s a cross between excitement and amazement! I am a little worried about tomorrow’s room inspections as there are cases and clothes everywhere, but I am sure they will be fine come morning. After dinner we went for a walk in the grounds and found out a little about the history of the house.

We are having issues with wifi tonight, but come tomorrow we hope to be up and running and having the pupils blog about their day on Snowdon. We will also be able to add lots more photos…