What have we been doing in class 1/2

After hearing all about Group two’s summer adventures in show and tell, Group one started us off thinking about Harvest. We had a look at some fruit and vegetables, books about Harvest and some very impressive combine harvesters.

In Maths we have had lots of practise using 100 squares to help us with our adding and taking away, especially when using 9 and 10. We have also started learning how to measure items around the classroom. We made castles and used cubes to help us measure them. We have also been practising telling the time by focussing on the difference between what the big hand and the small hand tells us. Carrying on from last week, when we did some work with money, we have now started learning how to give the right change. Using number lines to count on helped us to do this.

Here is a game we played in maths to help practise using hundreds, tens and units. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/starship/maths/games/place_the_penguin/big_sound/full.shtml

In Literacy we read “Oi! Get Off Our Train” and “The Magic Bed.” Both of these books are fantasy stories by John Burningham and they have helped us to think of some of our own adventures, which we have written about during our big write sessions. We have also taken some photos of the actions we use to help us with our sentences, which we will make into a poster.

The Great Fire of London has been very exciting to learn about so far and we have started preparing pictures for our display. We have all now had a chance to bake some bread just like they would have done in Thomas Farriner’s bakery.

In Art we have looked at some zoomed in pictures and tried to guess what they are of, we then finshed off a picture just from looking at a part of it.

There are lots of signs of Autumn at the moment and this is what we have been thinking about in Geography. To help us see this more clearly we went on a walk around the school to look for signs of Autumn ourselves.

During our PE lessons we have worked with a partner to make a four move routine, where we mirror each other. We are now working on how we move between the positions we have chosen. We have also practised Athletics, in preparation for the Key Stage One Activity day.  

This week we will be reading a book called My Favourite T-shirt. To help with this work it would be really good if everyone can bring in their favourite T shirts on Tuesday.

We are going to start making houses on Friday so any cereal boxes that can be brought in would be extremely helpful.