We Love The Lion King!

On Wednesday 11th March the Year 6 pupils had an amazing day out in London.

The main focus for the day was ‘A London Theatre Experience’ to see The Lion King! However, this day was to be ‘extra – special’ because we had been asked to pilot some workshops for Disney Corporation! They wanted pupils to take part in either an Acting Workshop or a Music and Movement one. This meant our first stop was to be The Pineapple Dance Studios!

It was rather a tortuous journey with terrible hold ups but we got there eventually and we were whisked off to 2 separate studios for the different experiences. Both workshops were run by theatrical teachers, some of whom had performed in The Lion King. Their energy and enthusiasm was incredible and none of us could fail but to join in!

I was lucky enough to witness both groups and saw one group put together a whole routine based around The Circle of Life.

The other group were given extracts from the script of The Lion King which they performed to each other.

The whole experience was incredible and gave us all a wonderful insight into the show we were about to see!

Both groups met up again at The Lyceum Theatre for their lunch. We were privileged enough to be allowed into The Ambassador’s Lounge to eat our packed lunches and the pupils were all very good and ensured we didn’t leave a crumb!

Then it was time for the show!

The Lion King is the most amazing show! All of the characters wore masks to create their image and the spectacle of the show was incredible. From the opening with the rising of the sun, to the end of the show when it rose again, we followed Mufasa, Simba, Scar and Zazu through the Circle of Life! Timon and Pumba provided the comic relief and the hyenas amazed us with their incredible dancing!

The whole audience was spell bound and the pupils loved every minute of it. ‘It was the best thing I have ever seen!’

At the end of the show we were treated once again to a backstage tour! We were taken up into the wings and out onto the stage where we saw what it was like for the performers on stage and how they put the whole show together! We are very lucky to be allowed to do this as it is not normally offered to school parties but we have our contacts!

At the end of the day, the coach picked up a large group of exhausted but very happy pupils and adults!