The World Cup is discovered in the nature area of William Ransom School!

What a way to start the day! Mr Burrows went litter picking with a group of children first thing this morning and believe it or not they found The Jules Rimet Trophy – the World Cup – in the bushes!

They went straight to tell Mrs Driver, who called the police before she went to inspect the site. The trophy was wrapped in a French newspaper and then wrapped in The Metro. The children who were litter picking suspected it had been thrown from a passing train.

Sergeant Wilmot from Hitchin Police came into school to investigate the discovery and Mrs Driver called a whole school assembly to collate all the information from the scene of the crime!

He asked all the children to write crime reports, newspaper reports and character descriptions to help the police in locating the thieves.

Every class devoted their day to The World Cup – reception class did some character descriptions, other key stage one classes wrote about what had happened and the events of the morning. Key Stage 2 classes had more in-depth reports and descriptions leading up to complete newspaper reports. The writing they produced was great and really showed how exciting writing can be.

Throughout the day the children were fed more information about the suspects and clues were given to each class. There was even a news report on the radio that ‘broke’ the discovery in the school grounds. We were all very worried how that story had leaked out!

The day culminated in another whole school assembly where each class had a representative to show their work and we could all see what amazing work had been produced. It was also at this assembly where Mrs Driver revealed that the day had all been carefully planned and that it had all been done to stimulate exciting writing.