The William Ransom Orbit

A Special Note from Mrs Driver:

Time flies when you’re having fun! We must be having so much fun at school because this year has absolutely flown by!

It has been another really busy but exciting year at school. We have had the most successful year ever with all the Sports competitions we have entered and I would like to thank Mrs Light and Dain for all their hard work in organising teams for the various events and getting everyone to the events on time and in the right kits! We are delighted Dain will be staying with us for another year and look forward to the sports events planned for next year.

I have been very pleased with the idea of Talk Topics which we have introduced this term. I have overheard some great conversations about superhero powers and the best places to hold the World Cup. My favourite comment so far was from a pupil who wanted the power of healing so that there would be no suffering in the world!

We have had a real push on writing this year with some spectacular results. Some of the writing being done from the youngest to the oldest pupils is truly remarkable and I hope this level of work continues. It all came together in our ‘Exciting Day’ when we found the World Cup on the school field. What a fantastic day that was, and I hope you have all forgiven me now for letting you believe it was the real World Cup!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday and I would like to wish our Y6 pupils all the best in their new schools. I will look forward to seeing everyone else back in September!

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