The Great Fire of William Ransom

Year One had a fantastic day learning all about the Great Fire of London. We started by making bread as they would have done in 1666. Then we watched our houses burn and we saw how the fire breaks helped to stop the fire. The children wrote some great diary entries. In the afternoon, the children created some wonderful fire pictures and we finished the day by rebuilding London out of bricks.

At the bakers the fire rose from the fireplace. In the houses all the people knew a hot, terrible fire was coming this way. In the really hot and smoky fire, houses were crumbling apart.

Today the Great Fire of London was really smoky, smelly and dangerous. I felt scared! It was very smoky in the air!

Today there was a great fire and it burnt down lots of houses. The flames were red, orange and yellow. It was called the Great Fire of London and it was very dangerous. It was very smelly and the wind helped to spread the fire. There was black and grey ash. The fire spread very quickly and it was very smoky.