William Ransom V Wilshere Dacre

On Thursday 18th October a group of 8 girls (the A-Team) played a netball match and beat Wilshere Dacre 13-1. Madeline was goal shooter and Phoebe was goal attack. In those positions you can shoot and Phoebe and Madeline shot 13 goals altogether. There was a lot of perseverance as they did not always get … Read more

A win for both teams against St Andrews!

Both teams braved the cold this evening to play a fixture against St Andrews in a competitive game from both teams. The B-Team made a confident start to their game. They passed the ball quickly yet accurately, ensuring passes went to the player or into space to be run on to. Phoebe captained the team … Read more

Great first fixture!

We had an excellent start to our netball season with lots of great play! Our A and B team travelled to Whitehill for their first matches of the season. With lots of our confident netballers leaving us to move onto secondary school, many of our players were new players from Year 5. Our A's made … Read more

A super end to the netball season!

Over the last week we have had a great end to our netball season when taking part in the netball rallies. Last Saturday (22nd April) the A-Team travelled to Whitehill to take part in the A-Team Rally. It started as a rainy morning with a sudden downpour, thankfully this cleared and the rest of the … Read more

Winners of High 5 Festival

Our team gave an incredible performance at the High 5 Festival this week at Knights Templar School, winning our group and then going onto win in the final! Our team consisted of a mix of children from both years 5 and 6. Despite the freezing conditions, our players ensure they remained focused both on and off the court. … Read more

Superb win against Mary Exton!

What a superb performance from our players against Mary Exton! Many of our players were playing their first match tonight and they all had an excellent game. Lily captained the team well, communicating with all the players on the court. Harry M and Samuel worked well together to keep the pace of the game fast … Read more

A successful start to the new term!

Our first home fixtures resulted in a great start to the new term with both our A and B Teams playing superbly against Highover! The weather proved it to be a very chilly game, with drizzle making the ball very tricky to handle! Everyone worked their hardest to ensure clean passes and accurate shots.  The … Read more

A triumphant win for both teams!

Our A and B teams travelled to Samuel Lucas on Thursday for their matches. As the weather was cold and it was starting to get dark we decided to play rolling halves, with the children rotating during their short breaks in play.  The A Team made an excellent start, attacking the ball well. Play was fast but … Read more

A double win!

Well done to both our teams for their win at Offley on Wednesday evening. Despite chilly conditions, both teams worked together to secure their wins! The A team moved the ball well even though some struggled to find space due to tight marking from the opposition. With the evenings becoming darker much earlier, our game … Read more

A win for both teams at Ickleford on Thursday evening

Well done to both teams who won their games at Ickleford on Thursday evening. With only Roan out of the boys available to play, the A-team played well and over three thirds of 10minutes a third, managed to beat Ickleford 6-1. The games were fast and the speed sometimes caused some careless throwing and catching, but … Read more