Photos from the Christmas Productions!

This is a selection of the photos taken of the Christmas productions. We have put together a CD with over 150 photographs which you can order at a cost of £2 each. There is an order form on the Newsletter dated 5/1/17 Please return all orders by Friday 13th January 2017

Bugsy Rehearsal 17.5.16

The following people are needed for rehearsal on 17.5.16 from 3.20 – 4.30 Dandy Dan and his gang Fat Sam and his gang Tilly Tallulah Fizzy Seymour Scoop O'Dreary Smolsky Thank you

Bugsy Malone is the WR Production for Summer 2016

William Ransom Drama Club will be presenting Bugsy Malone this summer term! Auditions are currently being held for this summer's production and it is hoped that a cast list will be out very soon! We have over 100 children who have returned their permission slips and are eager to get their hands on to splurge … Read more

Rehearsals for Annie are about to start!

Our summer musical this year is Annie! The cast list has been released and rehearsals start next week! We are trying to be very organised with our Annie rehearsals this year. All the children know what part they are playing or what group they are in. We have put in a couple of Mondays when … Read more

Blast Off – The Final Frontier

The William Ransom Drama Club presented Blast Off at the end of the summer term 2014. We were delighted with the success of the show and everyone involved in the production had a great time. The show follows a ‘down-trodden’ Headteacher, Mr Jones, who builds a space rocket and takes a group of children up … Read more

Rehearsals for Blast Off are ready for ‘Take Off’

Most of Key Stage 2 have been practising Blast Off which is our summer production. The rehearsal was after school on Tuesday and Thursday going through different songs with actions and scenes and all the principals had to learn their lines off by heart. We have completed the whole of Blast Off and now just … Read more

Drama Schedule

Here is the drama schedule until July 05/6/14 – Mrs Taylor, Gladys, Mavis, Doris, Mr Jones,6 children, Caretaker, Miss Huggins, UFO, Black Hole 10/6/14 – 6 children. 5 Aliens, Mrs Taylor, Gladys, Mavis, Doris, all media people, White Hole 12/6/14 – Everyone 17/6/14 – All principals 19/6/14 – Everyone 24/6/14 – Everyone 26/6/14 – Everyone … Read more

Blastoff Reharsals

I am very pleased that your child has decided to take part in our exciting summer production of Blastoff! Please find below a list of rehearsal dates up to half term. Tuesday 6th May 3.20 – 4.30 ALL Thursday 8th May 3.20 – 4.30 PRINCIPALS Tuesday 13th May 3.20 – 4.30 ALL Thursday 15th May … Read more

Review of The Lion King

SPECTACLE OF THE LION KING GOES BEYOND THE STAGE Adam Mills As a former pupil of William Ransom, I know what it feels like to be stood at the top of the stairs, with the hall a deathly quiet before the lights burn bright upon the stage and the music kicks in. I know what … Read more

The Lion King – A Roaring Success

We have had an amazing week with The Lion King. The accolades have been flooding in and it appears that everyone who came thoroughly enjoyed the show! Disney corporation came to see the show on Tuesday night and sent this message: Thank you again for the joyful experience of watching your school’s production of The … Read more