Final Entry on the Builders Blog!

I do believe the school is finally ours and the majority of builders have left the site! This will be my final Builder’s Blog as the work is now completed and we have access to all areas! It is almost exactly two years since I was first visited by Herts County Council and they discussed … Read more

At last the staff return to school!

After a couple of false starts the staff returned to school today after a 5 week gap! We assembled in the school entrance this morning and put on our hard hats and everyone had their first tour of all the work that has been done! Our Willmott Dixon team have worked incredibly hard whilst we … Read more

What have they done to my school?

After 3 weeks away from school I was amazed when I pulled into the car park – well I think it was the car park, to see what had been going on. We have been having monthly site meetings and this was just our regular meeting but there was so much for me to see! … Read more

Time Capsule Buried!

So much happened at the end of term it was hard to keep up with it all and let you all know what was happening! But we did manage to fill the time capsule and get it buried. Everyone in school came up with some great ideas for the time capsule and we looked through … Read more

I finally got inside!!

I finally got inside!! Today was the day I had been waiting for when I was finally allowed inside our new building and could start to see what it was all going to be like! After work had finished for the day, Ian Hankin and I went inside our new building with Jack Wells, our … Read more

We have a complete building!

We have a complete building! As I sit here and write this the crane has left the site and all modules are in! The last week has been incredible, the building grew and grew as more modules were delivered and our new block has really taken shape. Initially it looked like replacement mobiles but as … Read more

Today was the day we had all been waiting for!

Today was the day we had all been waiting for! At long last it started to look as if we really were going to have an expansion! I arrived in the school car park at 7.30am this morning to be met by the biggest crane I had ever seen and things were starting that early! … Read more

September is creeping ever closer!

Now that we are into the last half of the summer term, September and 60 reception children is looming ever closer! There has been lots of changes outside with the foundations for the new build and with some of the services being prepared for our extension. Thank you for being so understanding about different access … Read more