Success in William Ransom’s First Boccia Tournament

This afternoon, five pupils from Key stage 2 attended a Boccia tournament at The Priory School. Attended by 13 schools, the pupils were pitted against Pixmore Junior School and Kingshott School in the group stages.

The game, which is related to pentanque and bowls is played with two teams of three players each. They each have two balls and whilst seated, have to throw or roll the ball as close to the jack as possible.

The children had only played Boccia in a few practise sessions, but really took on board the rules and skills immediately. Led by Taylor as captain, the team played two matches of 6 ends each.

After taking a healthy lead in the first match thanks to some excellent balls by Thomas, winning two ends and a last ditch winning ball by Ellen in the fifth end, the game ended up being a very tight affair as Pixmore pulled it back to 8-7!

The second game’s score line was more impressive, ending 12-2. A first end 5-0 lead put William Ransom in an almost unassailable lead, but to the competitors and crowd it seemed a lot closer!

Although Taylor wasn’t playing, his encouragement was superb. The fifth end was played excellently with Andrew placing an accurate first ball and Ellen following it up with another winner on the last ball. In the final game Oliver’s first ball was stunning and Andrew followed it up with another ball rolling close to the white.

Everyone had a really good afternoon and were a little disappointed that there wasn’t time for a semi-final and final!