Sport Relief Reports

On Friday 21st March William Ransom celebrated Sport Relief by dressing in our sports kits, doing a quiz and running a mile. We dressed in our sports kit so we had a lot of footballers, cricketers and hockey players. We also had a lot of netballers supporting the school team with their kits on ready to play a match and dancers with their brightly coloured leotards and leggings.

In the morning Reception scooted their way round the mile course and Mrs Light nominated Josie as their star scooter. We sang the sport relief song in the playground with all the parents watching.

We had a KS2 and KS1 quiz. In KS1 everyone had got full marks so they had to pick names out of a hat to get their winners. In Key Stage 2 it was a different story. We had a wide variety of scores but in the end Charlie (5/6A) got 1st place and Leighton (5/6W) in close 2nd.

In the afternoon the rest of the school ran their mile. It was staggered so that everyone wasn’t out there at the same time trying to run their own mile. The 5/6 classes, as the oldest, ran last. Each class had a person who was nominated as the best runner. Mrs Driver’s special award went to Thehan for running with a constant smile.

Overall the day was great and everyone enjoyed themselves. We raised a lot of money for sport relief and we all ran at least a mile, even the Reception children who scooted it. I asked a couple of people what they thought of the day

“It was really fun and performing the song in the playground was really good” Richard (5/6A.)

“I thought it was really fun as we got to dress up in our sport kits for a day” Chloe (5/6A).

By Annabel (5/6SA)

On Friday 21st March 2014 we celebrated Sport Relief. We all ran, jogged, or walked a mile. We all dressed up in our sports clothes and sang

‘Step it Up for Sport Relief’ out on the playground.

We did a lot of things as classes. We had to bring £1 to dress up and 50p for the sport quiz. We had a Sport Relief assembly where we talked about where our money that we raised is going to.

Throughout the day we did a quiz with lots of questions on sport. For example:

Q1. In which city was the 2000 summer Olympics held? Some of us found a few questions hard. For example:

What is the small peg a golf ball rests on called?

Overall we had a fantastic day!!!

By Keziah