Sainsbury’s School Games Day for Key Stage 1

‘A whole day doing PE’, is that what really happened?! Yes indeed the reception children and those in years one and two had a fantastic ‘festival of sporting activities’ organised by the new year five sports leaders.

With class two out on a visit in the morning the rest of key stage one were divided into ten teams of mixed age groups. Each child was competing against their own age group to win points for their house. The year five sports leaders had set up their events and after an early group photo the children set out to compete in a variety of challenges. Speed pegging, balloon jumping, shot putt, sponge ball throw, egg and spoon, welly throwing, putting, quick feet space hopping and hockey dribble were the morning set of activities.

Despite some very grey skies and a cool wind, which did its best to knock down our activity markers, the children had a fantastic morning. The year 5 leaders really excelled in a leadership role encouraging the younger children and managing and adapting their activities to keep the groups active and engaged. The younger pupils tried everything with great enthusiasm. Assembling at lunch time for the morning results saw Neptune in 4th position, followed by Mars in 3rd, Jupiter 2nd and the winners Saturn.

In the afternoon our existing teams were joined by the year 2 class and a new set of sporting challenges. Target ball throw, obstacle, tennis racket balance, bean bag shuttle, dribbling, a flat race, sack racing, ball throwing, standing long jump and javelin. Something to suit everyone! The end of afternoon scores saw a draw between Neptune and Jupiter with Mars beating Saturn by just one point to clinch the cup!

Well done to all of the children involved. The year fives did a fantastic job and the competitors showed great promise for the future of sport at William Ransom.