Plant stall at the Summer Fete

How much do you know about herbs? Come along to the plant stall and find out…

  1. Take part in the herb quiz to test your sense of smell
  2. Try the tasty herby treats on offer to see if you can identify the herbs by their taste
  3. Enjoy painting a ceramic plant pot and then learn how to propagate chocolate mint to take home in it. 

There will be a range of garden plants, vegetables, unusual herbs and edible flowers for sale with recipe ideas or we can pot up a hanging basket with summer bedding or trailing tomatoes and herbs of your choice.

How you can help:

  1. Donate some plants – bedding, herbs or perennials are always the best sellers (it would also be really useful to let us know what you will be donating – please text or call Fiona on 07973 825520).
  2. Bake something for our herby treats stall to sell, sweet or savoury with a herb ingredient.
  3. Rather than buying a new hanging basket from the garden centre – bring it to us to fill for you.
  4. Ask your neighbours and family if they would like their hanging baskets filled. We would be very happy to deliver them to local houses either on the day of the fete or beforehand.
  5. Volunteer to help with the craft activity or selling the herby treats.
  6. Visit the stall with your children on the day of the fete Services available before the fete: If your hanging basket or pots are looking tired and you would like them filled with flowers or tomatoes and herbs prior to the School Fete then we can organise this.
  7. You can also pre-order hanging baskets prior to the fete, which can be collected from the Plant Stall on the day.

Please complete and return the slip below, which you can request at school reception or from a member of the SPA committee or print out/write down on a piece of paper.


                                                                                                   Number Cost

I will supply a hanging basket and I would like it filled at a cost of £5   _____ ______
(Fiona will then contact you to organise handing of the hanging basket)

I would like to buy a hanging basket filled at a cost of £6.50.             ______ ______

Flowers – mixed – could be lobelia/geraniums/petunias etc.             ______

Tumbling tomatoes and basil or mint                                              ______
(mint varieties – ginger, orange, lime, Indian, variegated apple or basil)

Delete one of the following as applicable:

– I will collect the above order from the plant stall on the day of the school fete

– I would like the above order delivered to my home (locally) so please call me on the number below to organise.


Contact Number:

I enclose payment of £  __________.
All cheques to made out to WRSPA

Please return this form to Fiona Holder via Bryony Holder in Class 1/2. Telephone 07973825520 if you have any questions.