PE and Sport Premium

William Ransom PE 2018-2019

We have had an extremely successful year in PE at William Ransom, which has been helped by the PE and Sport Premium (PESP) funding we receive. Our football teams both went to the County Finals of the English Schools Football Association cup, after winning our district tournaments. The boys’ team also went on to win the Hitchin League, completing a 100% winning season. This league and cup double was an amazing achievement, which we are very proud of.

We also won the district level of the basketball tournament and went on to the County Finals. Our teams also participated in the following sports; tennis, speed stacking, indoor athletics, cricket and hockey.

As well as excellent sporting achievements in PE we also saw amazing performances both in Gymnastics and Dance. Our Rhythmic Gymnastics club produced a wonderful display for the whole school and parents, during sports day. Our dancers also produced incredible performances. They performed at the County Dance Festival in the St Albans Arena, to an audience of over 400 people. They worked extremely hard and deserved the praise they received. They then went on to perform at the Hitchin Girls’ School Gym and Dance display.

Both our netball teams were also given a great opportunity to participate in a fun and exciting festival. NetFest was created and organised by Miss Vivian and hosted by William Ransom. The aim of the festival was to allow all children to participate in a non-competitive environment. We were very lucky to be joined by an international level netballer Jo Trip, who stayed for the entire festival, talking to the children and handing out medals.

We had a fantastic end to our school year with a family activity day, where we also completed Race for Life. This was a wonderful event, where exercise professionals joined us and led the children and their families through an enjoyable warm up. Everyone was then able to run the Race for Life, before finishing with fun activities and sporting challenges. This was a fun and exciting day filled with lots of physical activity and we were able to raise £383.58.

Throughout the year we were also able to offer more clubs, giving more children opportunities. This has been made easier by our transition to the online booking system. This decision was made for a number of reasons. The previous method required printing letters to be sent home to all children and for them to be returned to school with payment. Many of these forms were lost before they got home and others on their way back into school. When they did come back into school there was still a lot of work required, as change would need to be sent home and extra reminder letters were often required when payments had not been made. Many letters would also be returned on the same day, which would then require names to be picked at random to fill the limited places. 

In the new system all clubs can be set up at the same time and we have a clear record of payments that have been made. We will tweet beforehand to make parents aware of when clubs are available to book and emails are sent at the same time, rather than some classes potentially receiving their letters before others. The clubs are then filled online, without further work required in school. This system saves a huge amount of time and makes it possible for us to add extra clubs, which we would not have the admin time to organise otherwise. Please be aware that we will be using this system for all clubs in the future and it is therefore very important that all parents are signed up to Twitter and the School Gateway (if you are unsure how to do this please contact the office).


PE and Sport Premium

Many of the things we are able to do in PE are strongly supported by the PESP. As a school we received £18,760 for 2018-2019 to support us in delivering opportunities for sports participation and increased levels of physical activity.  The majority of our PESP was spent on support staff. We used £12,000 towards employing Mr Sears and paying other members of staff to help take children to events. 

Mr Sears is vital to everything we do in PE and we would not be able to achieve the many things we did this year without him.  Here are some of the ways Mr Sears supports the children and staff. 

Remove old equipment and order replacements 

Ensures that children are able to use equipment safely and that there is enough for them and for the future. 

Support teachers setting up activities and working with groups or individuals in lessons

Helps to encourage more children to be active and to improve their level of performance.

Club administration

Setting up and registering children for clubs providing them with the opportunity to be more active and to improve their ability.

Sporting event administration

Helping organise for children to attend competitions to take part in a higher level of competition than they would usually be able to.

Attending events

Taking children or supporting teachers with children for all of the events and performances attended throughout the year.

Setting up for events and supporting teachers with the organisation of them

NetFest and Race for Life gave children the chance to take part in sport and activity and also gave them the confidence, which will support them in the future and increase the chances of them remaining active.

Running clubs

Lunch time and after school clubs focus on building confidence, ability and participation.

Leading lessons

This gives the opportunity for teachers to learn from an experienced sports specialist. They can then use this in their future practice.

The biggest impact can be seen by the overall participation in school sports clubs, which heavily rely on Mr Sears. In KS1 86% of children regularly participated and in KS2 there were 80% of children.

The was how the rest of the PESP was spent

Let’s get cooking


Children taught about nutrition and how to prepare healthy meals.

Indoor athletic equipment


Used for activity day for whole of KS1. Used in KS2 to prepare children for external competition.

Competition entry


Required to allow children to participate in all forms of competition throughout the year.

Football goal posts


Allows extra football clubs to be run, increasing opportunities for children to take part in physical activity as well as in a competitive sporting environment. 



Inaugural festival, which will be continued in the future. The posts purchased will also be used in lessons and for clubs.



Introduced children to a new activity, which some will be interested in continuing.

County Dance


Including entry and travel. Provided children with the chance to learn a new dance and to perform in front of an audience. Many of these children didn’t previously attend dance classes but will now continue this. This was also inspirational for other children, who have seen the performance.

Gymnastic equipment


Used for a new club giving children access they would not have had otherwise. Also available to be used for lessons, helping children to improve their skills.



95% of children in Year 6 met all required standards by the end of the year. This includes:

·     Swimming competently, confidently and proficiently over 25m

·     Using a range of strokes effectively 

·     Performing a safe self-rescue in different water-based situations