Painting like Picasso!

Over the last two days, the pupils in both Key Stages have been working with an artist and today was our turn to learn about the life and work of Picasso.

For the first part of the day, we ‘met’ Picasso and learned about his life, and the things that influenced his work. It was very interesting! During the second session the focus was on sketching, and in particular sketching the face. We looked at how to draw a face from the front and also from the side. Then came the challenging part… to combine the two and think about how and why Picasso drew faces as he did. It was harder than it looked!

In the afternoon, we had to transfer that final sketch into a painting, using only the primary colours, white and black. We were very pleased with our work, which we will put photos of on the website and also display around the school.

It was a great experience.