Netball Match Report

A Team

On Wednesday 25th September a netball match took place with William Ransom playing Mary Exton. The game began and then within the first minute, William Ransom was 1-0 up. However Mary Exton did reach the semi-circle around the net, instead William Ransom defended well and got another goal quickly. We interviewed Rachel, who was a player in the A Team, to hear her thoughts on the match.
She said:“I thought the whole match overall was great. We had some great shots from Annabel and Ellen. I think that we worked well as a team, as the opponents were so close to scoring, but our players did some effective defending. The goals were repetitive and very good.”

In the end the score was 4-0 to William Ransom.

B Team

Our school’s B team also played a match against Mary Exton’s B team and the competition was very fierce! Since the A team had already won their match, the pressure was on and the expectations were very high. The game took off to a slow start but we soon scored. However Mary Exton really wanted to win this match and they scored a goal themselves making it level. We asked Rhea what she thought of the match and her feedback of the players’ teamwork.
Rhea said:“I thought that the B team match was fun, but I also thought that it was quite a tough match. I think that Mary Exton’s players were really good. However our team worked well as a united team and we ended up winning. Before the match started I was very nervous, but once we were playing I realised that it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Overall I think everyone played well.”

In the end the score was 3-1 to William Ransom.

Netball Report by Annabel and Chloe