Naughty Bus but not naughty children!

Well done everyone, a great half term with lots of new things learnt and now we are all ready for a break to get rid of all the nasty colds and renew our energy for the six weeks up to Easter.

In literacy this week we watched the story of The Naughty Bus. You can watch it on:

The children had fun making up their own journeys for Naughty Bus which they finished off for writing homework each night. Please return any that have not yet come back after the holiday. In maths pairs of children made up story maps of a ‘Naughty Bus’ journey, using positional vocabulary and then told us their stories. In PE Naughty Bus was attached to our ribbon and we went on a journey using our ribbons to tell the story.

Thank you for providing our main resource for our maths work on sorting and counting coins. The money boxes were full to bursting and raised a staggering £172.56 for Samali our sponsored child. The children had another few lessons using coins to pay for items in a toy shop. This is something that could be practised over the holidays with 1p,2p and 5p coins, especially trying to count on from the 5p coin to make amounts up to 10p!

The children have learnt a lot about old toys over the last couple of weeks and the topic finished with ‘junk model constructions’ of toys. This was interesting and challenging as the children’s ideas usually are well beyond their capabilities to create independently. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount the children did by themselves and despite copious amounts of sellotape being used there were some lovely ideas and some amazing results.

After the holiday we start a new topic about houses. Don’t forget to make the most of a fine day and get the children to sit outside and draw your house. Your child could show off their photography skills and take a photograph of their house to bring in!

Just a reminder that on World Book Day on 6th March the reception children will not be dressing up as they are going out on a book adventure. They will get their turn to dress up as pirates during the summer term.

It was good to catch up with you all at the ‘Parents Evenings’ and thank you once again for the support you have provided for the activities we have done this term. Have a good week and fingers crossed for some better weather!