Mrs Driver’s Builders Blog No.2 !

What an exciting day today!

Before 8.00am there was a crane on site and all was ready for the new mobile classrooms to be delivered!

The two classrooms were being delivered in 5 sections and it was certainly going to be a tight squeeze to get them in through the gates, passed Class 2 and 1/2 and onto the top playground!

However, they had clearly done it before because the whole process went like clockwork! A lorry delivered each section to the edge of the playground where the crane would lift it up and put it down on the prepared stacks. It was an operation of real precision.

When it came to putting in the last section it really was a case of precision engineering. The mobile was put on backwards so that the trees didn’t mark the building! However, that meant it needed turning so the whole section was hoisted up above the building and spun round – what an amazing sight!

Then it was carefully lowered into place. The whole process only took about 4 hours which was incredible!

The next few days will be spent sealing the building, sorting out the electrics and fitting it with carpets and whiteboards. We are hopeful classes will move in in about 10 days’ time!