Lots of Exciting Things have been happening in 5/6A

WOW! What a busy week 5/6A had on the 17th to the 22nd of March.

On Monday the two 5/6 classes had a World War Two day at school. Firstly we had normal lessons but the teachers were so much stricter; we all had to write out a poem and not do any mistakes otherwise we would have to start all over again. Next we went outside and played some games that people would have played at VE day, we played Duck Duck Goose and other games like that. After that we all went down to the hall to have a street party. We had spam sandwiches, Victoria sponge and a lot more. Everybody in the previous weeks had learnt some World War Two songs, so everybody sang them. Overall the day was fantastic, although, I prefer school now.

On Wednesday class 5/6A did an assembly on Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We all wrote our lines by ourselves. It turned out great and the audience loved it.

By Francesca

On Monday 17th it was World War 2 Day. Everyone dressed up as evacuees and everyone brought something to contribute to the tea party in the afternoon. We were learning about the World War 2 money system and about William Blake, a famous poet. When the afternoon came we recreated V.E. day. We played ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and ‘The Farmer’s in his Den’. We also did the hokey cokey. Then we tried some authentic World War 2 food before singing some World War 2 songs in the afternoon.

On Wednesday we had our assembly dedicated to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an artist who had a unique style of art and writing. We showed our artwork inspired by Mackintosh’s designs to the school and we wrote the assembly by ourselves.

On Friday it was Sport Relief and we dressed up in sports kit and brought a donation. Some of us took part in the quiz and there were prizes. Everyone ran/walked a mile (a lot of people ran or walked more than a mile) and we sang (and danced!) the Sports Relief song in front of some parents. Every class had a winner and Mrs Driver had an overall winner for completing the mile.

By Ilyssa

On Monday 17th class 5/6A and 5/6W had a WW2 day. In the morning we had WW2 lessons. The teachers were much stricter!!!!! In literacy we had to copy a poem in our neatest handwriting; if we made one mistake we had to start all over. In the afternoon we played games and sang songs. We also had a street party. We played Duck Duck Goose, sang many ww2 songs and did the Hokey Cokey. We had lots of fun. It was amazing and the food tasted great. Some of the foods were Victoria sponge, evaporated milk, jam sandwiches, spam sandwiches and tinned fruit cocktail.

On Friday 21st we celebrated Sports Relief. In the morning we sang the sports relief song on the playground. Everybody came to school dressed in their sports kit. Then during the day classes took turns running a mile. Class R did their mile on their scooters. We had a sports relief quiz and at the end of the day the winners were announced and went to claim their prize. It cost £1 to dress up and 50p to do the quiz.

By Navjot