Show and Tell for a Friday

18.1.13-Photos of them as a baby and a toddler

25.1.13-A photo of their family so that they can show us who everyone is and tell us all about them.

1.2.13-Their favourite toy and be able to explain why.

8.2.13-An old toy/s for our toy museum. This can have belonged to parents or grandparents, the older the better! Be able to talk about what you bring in

15.2.13-Free choice anything that they want to show and talk about.

Show and Tell second half of Spring Term

1.3.13-Their favourite book fiction or non- fiction. To be kept in school all week.

8.3.13-To be able to talk about their house eg. Detached, terraced, no of rooms, etc.

15.3.13-A photo or drawing of their bedroom

22.3.13-A drawing or photo of their garden and be able to talk about it.eg any flowers growing, what is in their garden etc

Spelling Groups

Group 1-Aaron, Novak, Zara, Aayan, Riley, Harrison Winters

18.1.13-I, and, is, it

25.1.13-in, on, up, at, am

1.2.13-cat, dog, big, mum, dad

8.2.13.-get, went, of, yes, can

15.2.13-All words done this half term

Group 2- James, Amber, Thehan, Phoebe

18.1.13-cat, dog, big, mum, dad

25.1.13-get, went, of, yes, can

1.2.13-and, said,dad, are,they

8.2.13-play, away, day, you, are

15.2.13-to, go, this, all, was

Group 3 Jessica, Zaine, Joe, Federico, Maddie, Charlotte, Lottie, Elijah, Thomas, Damon, Harrison Williams, Sophia, Kanishk, Robert, Aidan, Kushad.

18.1.13-play, away, day, you, to, are

25.1.13-said, dad, are, they, going, go

1.2.13-this, we, she, the, he,me

8.2.13-all, was, big, for, like,went

15.2.13-come, and, look, my, no, dog

Group 4 Aarav. Anouska, Rana

18.1.13-they, away, come, said,are, they

25.1.13-go,may, way, boy, her, little

1.2.13-do, love, made, new, off, old

8.2.13-or, one, out, put, saw, so

15.2.13-been, call, ball, called, be, as