Let’s Get Cooking!

During the Autumn Term, we had another successful Let’s Get Cooking Club.

All the children demonstrated brilliant chopping skills and were all willing to taste and try new things each week. Mrs Mills and Mrs Halliwell were very impressed and here’s what the children had to say:

Dylan – ‘Let’s Get Cooking was really good. There were lots and lots of foods that I never used to like but now I do’

Tamer – ‘I liked Cooking Club especially the chooping of fruit and vegetables. I would like to be a chef’

Marley – ‘I enjoyed Cooking Club because I had lots of fun making delicious food. My favourite dish was Chicken & Chorizo Paella’

Ella – ‘Iliked Cooking Club because I liked tasting and eating the food at home after. I learnt to cut food properly’

Arsh – ‘Thank you for letting me do Cooking Club. All the food was really tasty. I liked the fairy cakes and the paella. Now I know how to cook properly and I can make tasty food for my family. I liked the new tools that I had never seen before’

William F – ‘Thank you so much for teaching us to cook foods that we haven’t made before. My favourite things was the Vegetable Fajitas and I was annoyed that I couldn’t have it straight away when I got home! I hope your next group enjoy it as much as I did’

William T – ‘Thank you for all the things you taught me at Cooking Club. I liked kneading the dough – it was squishy. I learnt to use my hand as a claw when chopping. Also I learnt that you shouldn’t be afraid of cooking. My favourite recipe was the Vegetable Fajitas. They were very tasty. I loved the food that looked like porridge (Paella!). Cooking Club is the best – you should all go because you have lots of fun and it smells nice’

Raphael – ‘I really enjoyed Cooking Club. I really liked chopping the vegetables, especially the green beans. I learnt how to use my hand as a bridge to chop safely. I tried a Fajita and Biryani, which I had never tried before. My favourite recipe was the fairy ckaes, they were delicious. I think other children should go because they will enjoy it and you get to try new foods’

Ellie – ‘Thank you for all you taught me at Cooking Club. I loved making and trying new things. MY favoruite savoury dish was the Chicken Biryani and my favourite sweet dish was the fairy cakes. They were delicious. The new things I learnt were chopping skills; where food comes from and new foods and recipes’