K’Nex Challenge 2019 – Year 5

This year's STEM K'Nex challenge saw our Year 5s designing and building a futuristic flying machine.   

On Wedsnesday afternoon, the children came down to the hall where they found tables with boxes of K'Nex ready and waiting for them.  After our STEM Ambassador explained this year's challenge, the children spent a short while jotting down their design ideas on paper before being given an hour to build their futuristic flying machines.

The room buzzed with creativity, teamwork and problem-solving; often getting a little tense if the right parts couldn't be found!  Everyone worked well together as they competed not only to fulfil the brief and build a winning design but to demonstrate their ability to work as a team and solve problems collaboratively.

The time whizzed by.  Everyone had the opportunity to present their final creation to the room and explain to our STEM Ambassador just how they envisioned their design functioning.  It was incredibly difficult to choose a winning design as they were all imaginative and very well presented and thought-through.  

However, an overall winning design was eventually decided upon and this particular 'flying machine' will be put through to the next round.  In addition to this, a prize was given in recognition of good design and teamwork.