It’s spring and Reception learn about butterflies.

In class this week the children have been learning about butterflies ready for the first week back after half term when we will receive our Painted Lady caterpillars and watch them grow and change into butterflies.

We have read some great stories about butterflies from the classic Hungry Caterpillar to the tragic tale of Tadpole’s Promise.

Our art and technology lessons have been about model making, to show the life cycle of the butterfly and give the children experience of working with different materials such as Hamma beads and salt dough.

Outside play has been mainly on the field enjoying the space to run, play in the sunshine and enjoy allocated time on the new play equipment. Our role play area in the classroom continued the theme of ‘people who help us’ and became a police station.

The reception children ran or walked thirty four miles between them in an attempt by the whole school to raise money for Claire Lomas. Well done, there are some aspiring athletes within the group!

There has been a focus on each child completing the NFER Progress in English and Progress in Maths booklets this week. The information gained from these more formal written tests gives added information to the assessments made on a daily basis.

Well done with our story writing homework for this week, some great frog adventures! Written homework for next week is practising the art of answering a question in a complete sentence with a capital letter and a full stop.

As we move into a new week the children will be learning about snails. I would really appreciate some help in finding some ‘live’ snails to use in our investigative work on Wednesday. All snails to be in a pot with a lid, with some air holes in the top!

Have a great long weekend and let’s hope that the promised sunshine stays with us. See you all on Tuesday.