ICT Update

As we start back in 2013, and the start of the Spring Term, I wanted to write to and give you an update on a few of ways we are making IT work for the benefit of the staff and the pupils.


Many of you will be aware that we have been gradually switching between websites. From now, you will be able to use either of the website addresses to get to our new site, although the official address will be www.wransom.co.uk. We will have a link in place so that should you still use www.wransom.herts.sch.uk then you will be diverted straight across. We need to keep the old address as it ties in with the County model for school websites. I am sure you will agree with me that the new site is much more user friendly and will mean that staff will be able to add to the content very easily, almost using it to ‘blog’ about class and school events as often as they happen.

My thanks go to Mr Fox who has been working so hard on this project since I mentioned my idea back in June. To see it up and running now is wonderful.


Even though we have our new website, we will be continuing to make use of Twitter as a means of communicating quickly and succinctly to parents who follow us. For example, it allows us to confirm arrival times of coaches returning from a trip, should traffic be a problem. What we are able to ‘tweet’ is different than what we will put on a public platform. Should you not be following but would like to, then please contact me via the school office, or come in and have a chat with Mrs Massey. Our Twitter name is @wrpsinfo.

I believe both methods of communication are invaluable in making the School forward thinking and innovative in its use of IT.

Information Evening

It is my intention to run an information evening for parents on Wednesday 27th February. At this event, I want to be able to show you the different ways the School will be using technology to communicate with parents and also how the teachers use technology with the pupils. We will have a look at the use of Edmodo, a learning platform that is being used in Key Stage 2 at present. We will look at some of the Maths based platforms that the pupils are using in school and at home. It will also allow you to get ‘hands on’ and see what it is we are able to do.

Going Wireless!

Over the next few weeks, the school is having some work carried out to its ICT infrastructure, and we will be going wireless throughout. This will mean the pupils will be able to make use of the network around the school including the hall, which will allow web based resources to be used for PE lessons for example. The pupils should also be able to get far more out of the mobile technology we have in school, such as the laptops, and allow us to think about other mobile devices that could be used and purchased through the support of the SPA.

Should you have any questions relating to anything mentioned above, please feel free to get in touch via the school office or directly by email (steve.mills@wransom.herts.sch.uk).

Steve Mills