Groundworks are continuing at a pace!

It was interesting to see the building site from a different angle at Sports Day!

It is clear to see how the foundations are progressing and where the new classrooms will sit once the foundations are complete.

The back of the hall has gone and foundations for the extensions will be put in soon.

I meet with HCC and Willmott Dixon on a regular basis and we discuss the progress of the works and I am still being assured that we will have access to the new building at the end of August. We have been discussing access to the new building and school security. We are also discussing the changes to our existing building; making the hall bigger, losing the ICT suite to be come part of the dining room and creating a new staffroom.

We have some exciting plans to get the children involved in burying a timecapsule and we will reveal these in due course.

I am now off to North Wales for a week with the Year 6 on their residential trip. I am excited to see how much things change whilst I am away!