First Blog from School Journey

It is always hard to believe that another year has passed and I am sitting here in North Wales, late at night with another group of Year 6 pupils fast asleep above me!

We arrived here yesterday in bright sunshine and The Plas looks as lovely as ever. We had a very uneventful journey – hooray, and once everyone had been allocated to their room we spent time getting organised!

A walk around the grounds after a roast dinner gave everyone a clear picture of where we are and they all enjoyed exploring the area.

Everyone slept well and woke bright and early – some a little too early!! We were all fortified by a wonderful cooked breakfast but it was just what we needed as we set off for our day on Snowdon.

The coach took us on the scenic route to the mountain and dropped us off at Pen y Pas. This is where the miner’s track starts and we followed this path up to the first lake – Llyn Llydaw, recently voted the most beautiful spot in Great Britain. It was a tough climb but everyone managed it and we were all eager to move on up to the top lake.

The next climb was a real challenge and we walked in groups at our own pace! We all made it up to Llyn Glaslyn in time for lunch and enjoyed our sandwiches and cake at the top!

The walk down was even more of a challenge as the walkway was quite slippy! However we all clambered down in one piece and were pleased to see the bus waiting for us!

This evening the children all learned about the National Parks around the world from Mr Williams and hopefully understand the importance of protecting the planet.

After a bedtime story all about The Hairy Man’s Cave it was time for lights out and as I write this, all is quiet around the house!

Tomorrow we are off to Caernarfon, the weather forecast looks good and the children will be exploring Caernarfon Castle!