Fire fighters from Hitchin Fire Station visit Class 1/2

Hi Parents/Guardians

The fire fighters from Hitchin Fire Station visited Class 1/2 at William Ransom School today and we had such a great time!

Class 1/2 saw the fire engine, the fire fighters’ uniform and squirted water through the hoses, but most importantly we were asked to check that we had smoke alarms in our houses (1 per floor in the hallway and landing and fitted correctly to the ceiling). We were also asked to check that the alarms were working correctly (they should be tested once a week).

The fire fighters said that if we haven’t got sufficient smoke alarms or would just like further fire safety advice, including making a fire escape plan, we should call Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue’s Public Enquiry line on 01462 666800 to ask for a Home Safety Check visit.

They’ll ring us a week or two later to arrange a convenient time to visit – it only takes about 20 minutes to complete and what’s more, it absolutely free!

Best wishes

Your child

We look forward to hearing from you and please mention your school visit when you call. Hitchin Fire Fighters