Feeling Good Week

Interestingly, 22/38 of the Year 6 children said that learning mindfulness, relaxation techniques and ways to reduce stress was the most enjoyable and useful part of the week.  But then, they did Zumba! Quite a few of them then changed their minds and ‘Zumba is the best thing ever!’  Here are some of their quotes (written before they did Zumba).

‘My favourite lesson was managing stress because when I come home, I’m stressed out and also because I lose my temper very quickly.’  F.B

‘ I enjoyed doing managing stress because it helps you relax.  My most useful session was Body Changes because you just have to know it.’ N.O

‘I enjoyed First Aid the most as it is an amazing skill to know and I think everyone should learn First Aid.’ Anon

‘My favourite thing this week was ALL OF THEM!’ Anon

‘I enjoyed the whole week because it was very fun, relaxing and informative.’ J.O

‘The best thing in Feeling Good Week was the stress management.  It was really fun and relaxing.’ Anon

‘I liked the aspect of being organised, using a timetable and knowing what lesson would be next and which class to be in.’ Anon

‘I enjoyed doing Zumba as it was really fun! I also liked doing the Money Sense session.’ H.G

‘I liked mindfulness because it let me take my mind to a place that was safe and happy and it took away all my worries. It really helped me.  I also liked body changes because it made me feel reassured that everything will be okay.’  Anon

‘I liked circuits the best.’ Anon

Quotes from Year 5:

‘I really liked the Zumba.  It’s a really fun exercise.’ M.S

‘I liked doing the Daily Mile every day and Eat like a Champ.  I liked the Zumba best.’ Anon

‘The best subject in FGW for me was EVERYTHING! I loved the active things like Zumba and Circuits and also how to keep your body safe.  I learned lots.’ E.L

‘I liked Zumba and Dental Hygiene.’ Anon

‘I liked learning about the heart and lungs and Zumba was fun.’ C.M

‘My favourite lesson was Eat like a Champ when we tried new foods, however I learned the most from Dental Hygiene as I didn’t know anything about canines, molars, premolars, wisdom teeth and incisors.’ BB

‘I enjoyed designing posters for online safety and road safety.’ ZLC

‘My favourite part was the skeleton as I learnt the names of different bones.’ Anon