Eye of the Wolf

Saucepan’s Story – By Simon

I was brought up in Yellow Africa. My first memory is the devastating war and destruction in the village in Yellow Africa. There was fire on the rooftops, it was a terrifying night, and how did it happen?

The job I did was working for Toa the trader and help carry all of his trading goods it was mostly carrying saucepans that’s how I got my name. I carried it across the sandy desert. The land was all empty; all you could see was the village and empty barren land.

I really liked carrying Africa on my back because he always told me the most wonderful stories while we were travelling to other places in Africa. I also made a promise to Africa I said. “I will never move a step without him.”

Next Toa dragged me to a village in Grey Africa. He started talking to other villagers, I didn’t know what about though. Toa left me there and this person took me back to his place and sold me again.

I got sold over and over again. I couldn’t believe Toa sold me and parted me from Africa. I was so angry and sad. I will never break the promise I made.

People always thought I had something wrong with me. All they thought I was a crippled old dromedary. That made me even angrier than I was.

Eventually someone else bought me, it was the zoo. I wasn’t very excited. They lifted me up via crane and lowered me into the cage.

I saw someone who looked like Africa coming towards my cage. I started laughing because why would Africa be here?

The person coming towards my cage said, “I know that laugh are you saucepans?”

I said, “Yes who are you?”

He said, “I am Africa.” He started crying.

I said, “I never broke my promise.” We were astonished to see each other.