Class 5/6W write blogs about their time in class so far

To link in with the work that the children have been doing in IT, the children have written a number of blogs to sum up the first half term as a pupil in Class 5/6W.  Unfortunately it is not possible to share all 32 blogs on our page but we hope you enjoy the selection that we have posted.  Happy reading!


This is a summary of all my best bits of Class 5/6W. At first, I didn’t want to go to either of the 5/6 classes because I thought I would be separated from most of my friends. However, I was disillusioned, as my bad dreams and thoughts are the ones that have been shattered. For a start, I have two amazing teachers (Mrs Wheat and Mrs Hall) who have led me well through my first half term in 5/6W.

One of my favourite things this half term was going to Buckingham Palace. It helped me -and I also think everyone else- learn more about life in Victorian times in a fun way. I liked the decorations of the palace (and getting to go to places that the general public weren’t allowed in.)  Lucky us! In the Royal Mews, I liked looking at the Queen’s horses and carriages. I especially liked it when Mrs Wheat measured me in hands (unfortunately, I was not tall enough to be one of the Queen’s horses).

I also like the new topics this term/year as they have been up levelled (and I like things that are challenging). My favourite topics so far have been Rivers, the Victorians and The Solar System (which we did in Science and French (what a coincidence!) or in French Le Système Solaire!

In Rivers, I have enjoyed looking at river pollution and how it can be made or created.

In the Victorians I have liked looking at Thomas Barnardo and his life-story.

In The Solar System – the one in Science- I have enjoyed looking at the phases of the moon, especially because we got to eat Jaffa Cakes in lessons.   In Le Système Solaire, the one in French this time, I enjoyed doing the French presentation, especially as we got to do it with one of our friends (mine was George).

One of the other most enjoyable things this term, was Bike Ability. My first day was on the very day I started writing this blog. I am also looking forward to going on busy roads, even though I haven’t done that yet.

I have liked the new clubs I have been offered. They are Lacrosse, Tag Rugby and Table Tennis, which I hadn’t played since Year 3.  I have also made it into the Boys B Team.

I have made many more friends and most of them are Year 6s. Luckily, they haven’t bitten my head off!  Every moment has been full of fun and I hope that the rest of the year carries on like this, or it gets even better!

By Andrew
Year 5


My highlights this term are:

Going to Buckingham palace.

On the Thursday 11th September class 5/6W went to Buckingham palace. We arrived at 10 o’ clock. We got off the coach and went to the Royal Mews. We had to go through security before going in (No one got beeped). When we got in, we were met by our tour guide Shelia. She took us to the learning room. We put our lunches down and sat round the tables. We were taken to the Horses. There were only a few. Their names were Concorde and Mary Tudor.

In Buckingham Palace we were taken to the white drawing room. It was full of comfy looking furniture. I felt like lying down. In the middle of the room was a massive chandelier. Also there were 2 secret doors.

In some parts we were allowed to go to some places were the public weren’t. In one of the rooms there was a big cake, we weren’t allowed any though. Altogether it was really fun.

Legacy Games

On Thursday 18th October, the year 6s went to Knights Templar to take part in the legacy games. There were a lot of games to do. I got picked for netball. We played really well and overall we came 3rd.  The activities were: Netball, Boccia, handball, wheel chair basketball, table tennis, Design and create and cheerleading.

These are a few of my favourite things so far in year 6!

Year 6


This is a summary of all of my highlights in 5/6W. I have two teachers at the moment. They are Mrs Wheat and Mrs Hall.

So far my favourite parts about being in a new class, have been Buckingham Palace, the Festival of Languages and my first day at Bikeability.

Being in a new class has been more fun than I thought. As well as meeting new people, I also got more familiar with people that I already knew.

At Buckingham Palace everyone learnt something, even me! It was an interesting experience for everyone. I was dazzled by the hanging chandeliers and eccentric sofas. The thrones were amazing and bright.

The Festival of Languages was even more exciting than Buckingham Palace! I went to Wales, Germany, France, Cyprus and Turkey.

Bikeabilty was very fun, I achieved my Bikeability level 1!  At Bikeabilty we whizzed round the playground.  I learnt how to signal that I was indicating . Nicky and Hugh[ my instructors] taught me how to look behind me without being intimidated! We did a bike salaam [which was very fun]. The best part was when we did a road simulator extravaganza.

I love being in 5/6W it’s very fun. I hope others do to.

Year 5


This is a summary of my time in 5/6W so far.

First I am going to talk about our trip to Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mews on Thursday 11th September. We got on a coach with 5/6A and when we got there we split up into classes. 5/6A went to Buckingham Palace first and we went to the Royal Mews.

At the Royal Mews we saw all the Queens coaches from the old ones to the brand new ones. Our favourite coach was the Diamond Jubilee Coach which had diamonds and sapphires on the handle. It came from Australia and didn’t actually get to the Queen for her 80th birthday because it got delayed so she got it for her 85th birthday instead. Then we went round Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace was amazing! There was a toy display and my favourite toys were Prince Andrew’s Aston Martin and the wooden rollercoaster. There were lots of rooms and my favourite room was the White drawing room because it had lots of chandeliers in it.

Now for the Legacy Games on Thursday 18th September. All the year 6’s went to Knights Templar and our country was the Netherlands. There were lots of different sports such as; boccia, high 5 netball, handball, table tennis, sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, design and create, dance/cheerleading and sports reporting. My sport was boccia and on my team were Abi, Toby and Matthew. We played lots of games and we were in the final against Japan fighting for the gold medal. Japan were very good and they beat us but we got the silver medal.

Next an exciting Science lesson and we were looking at solar eclipses. First we looked at the order of the phases of the moon. This involved eating Jaffa Cakes into the phases of the moon. Once we had done that we did an experiment to create a mini solar eclipse with an orange being the Earth, a grape being the moon and a torch being the sun. First we put the grape onto a cocktail stick and then we put that into a piece of plasticine. Then we put the orange a few centimetres away from the grape and then we put the torch 30cm away from the grape and shone it on the grape so we made a solar eclipse.

This is my blog. Thanks for reading.

Year 6


My highlight in 5/6W

My first half term in 5/6W was very fun, because in the second week we had a school trip to Buckingham Palace.  It was on the 11th of September 2014 and we had a very nice tour guide. She took us round the whole palace it was very clean and I could see my reflection in the marble floor. But the best part was the toy collection our favourite toys were Prince Andrew’s replica of James bond’s  Aston Martin and a wooden rollercoaster.

Then we went to the year 6’s legacy games at Knights Templar on the 18th of September.  I did the sitting down volleyball.  We made it to the final but we came second.  We were a little annoyed because we beat the other team twice but they beat us so we went to be good sports people and we shook their hands and said well done. So at the end of the day we all got are medals and then we went home .

Then we had Festival of languages on the 29th of September.  We went to lots of different countries  for example: Wales , Germany and Turkey. I enjoyed Turkey because we got some Turkish delights and we did some belly dancing. Then in Germany we sang a song called schni schna schnappie then after that we went home.

Then 2 weeks ago I played in my first football match we won it 2-0 thanks to Callum and Edward.

Year 6