Claire Lomas visits William Ransom

We were visited by Claire Lomas today who is the paraplegic marathon walker. Claire was injured in a riding accident and is paralysed from the chest down. However, this does not deter her from making the most out of life. She entered the 2012 London Marathon and although it took her 17 days, she managed to complete the whole 26 miles wearing a robotic suit.

She wore this suit when she visited us and we saw her walk across the front of the hall. It was truly inspirational and very humbling.

Claire is currently on a 400mile cycle ride round Britain. She is riding her hand-bike called Herbert and is visiting as many different schools and towns as she can. She is trying to raise money for Spinal Research and we would like to support her in this.

The School Council are organising a walk around the school field and hope that we can also cover 400 miles if we join all our distances up together. We would like to raise at least £400 to support this very worthwhile charity. Look out for details coming home.