Celebrations and hard work at the start of the second half term

Another busy week as the children learnt some new skills and practised the old.

The week started with retelling our half term holiday news which made exciting reading!

Firework night led us to look at the life of Guy Fawkes and think about fireworks. The children tried to think of words that described the sound of the fireworks and made firework patterns in Colour Magic during their ICT lesson. The children have started their firework sewing and the pictures are looking good.

In maths we revised 2-D shapes and learnt about some 3-D shapes. The children took the cameras and went round the school looking for shapes. They sorted and drew 2-D shapes and from rectangles and semi-circles they made cylinders and cones and constructed their rockets. Throughout the activities the children were using the language associated with shapes, for example sides, corners and faces.  Lots of work needs to be done looking around the house for 3-D shapes to include spheres, cubes, cuboids and cylinders. Can your child recognise and name 2-D shapes e.g. square, rectangle, circle, triangle, semicircle, diamond, heart etc.

Most of the children had been practising their spellings and letter writing at home throughout the week so lots of stickers and house points were awarded today, well done. If you missed out this week then aim for full marks next week. Daily practise is required.

Most of the children have learnt two diagraphs this week, sh and ch. They have been practising reading words with the sound in and listening for sounds to spell words containing the diagraphs. The rest of the children have been working in small groups to practise the single letter sounds and how to blend the sounds together to make CVC words to read. The sound table ends now as we will do ‘th’ next week and then move to consolidate the use of our phonics to read and spell.

Next week we are looking at dark and light as our dark den replaces the farm shop.

Do not forget to bring in an empty shoebox on Monday for making our adding machines and any toilet roll or kitchen towel middles.

The first Christmas song went home and the children sang it well on Thursday and Friday so keep practising, there will be more to come!