Building houses (well sort of)

In reception we have been learning about different types of houses.

The children in Ash class brought in pictures or their houses and their bedrooms for show and tell. They did a great job telling their classmates all about their houses. Our class dinosaurs were also caught showing an interest as we found them nosing through the photos!

We have been doing some junk modelling in class so I hope you have enjoyed the delightful creations your children have been bringing home! The creations included rockets, planes and pots of flowers. In our Design and Technology sessions, we have also been making houses. The children drew around 2D shapes to create their windows and doors before printing bricks onto their ‘walls’ with sponges and paint. You will have to come along to our show for Somali to see the finished products.

We’ve also been enjoying some more storytelling. This time our story was about a noisy house and we had to become noisy animals to help retell the story. The children had a go at creating their own version of the story and then told this to their friends using their own story map.

We were very lucky to have such lovely weather on Wednesday so we took a short stroll around our local area to see if we could spot any signs of spring. We saw lots of blossom and new leaves on the trees. We also found lots of different flowers, such as daffodils, tulips, snow drops and crocuses as well as stopping to identify different types of houses. The following day we sequenced pictures from our walk and wrote a recount.

This week, we found the dinosaurs had left out some Skittles sweets for the adults in class. The children persuaded the adults to share the Skittles but they had to earn them by doing a maths investigation about the sweets first. The children had to sort the sweets into colour groups then count how many were in each group and record the information in a block graph.

After lots of hard work during the week, we enjoyed some choosing time on Friday afternoon and many of the children opted to play with the Alphablocks phonemes. They set up a ‘classroom’ in the cloakroom, where the ‘teachers’ proceeded to hold up phonemes and ask their ‘pupils’ which sound it was. The young ‘teachers’ even used my listening rhyme to get the attention of their learners. I managed to take a few sneaky pictures while spying on this roleplay activity. What a great way for the children to practise their letter sounds!