Blast Off – The Final Frontier

The William Ransom Drama Club presented Blast Off at the end of the summer term 2014. We were delighted with the success of the show and everyone involved in the production had a great time.

The show follows a ‘down-trodden’ Headteacher, Mr Jones, who builds a space rocket and takes a group of children up into Space with him in search of some Jupiter Rock. However, his mission is a little mis-guided as we all know Jupiter is made of Gas – there is no rock on Jupiter!!

He leaves behind his long-suffering secretary Mrs Taylor who is Mission Control, although she is more interested in her Cocker Spaniel – Susie, and her knitting than in the space mission!

On their space trip the group meet a Black Hole – where Mr Jones gets eaten, a UFO who is incredibly boring, a White Hole who restores Mr Jones, and an Alien Pop Group, who co-incidentally are Number 1 in the Space Pop Charts with ‘Jupiter Rock!’ This means their mission is a success after all!!

There were some outstanding performances, too numerous to mention, but if ever Mrs Driver and Mrs Massey don’t show up for work, we know who to call!