Beech Home Learning Update 4

Dear Parents,

I hope Week 1 of the summer term went well and that you found a more structured list of activities useful. Here is some work for Week 2.

Maths: For Maths this week I am setting Whiterose lessons which can be found through the link below. Please use Week 2 not Summer Week 2 w/c 27th April. There is a short video to introduce the topic and then worksheets to complete. If you’re unable to print these, please copy them out into the exercise books (example in the photo attached of a previous Classroom Secrets question). Place value charts, tables, hundred squares and number lines can all be drawn in a book.  If you need more exercise books there are some in the foyer along with copies of the Time Capsule.

Writing: Non-Chronological reports. This week I’d like to work on your report writing skills. I have attached the appropriate documents below that go with the following activities:

  1. Find a newspaper/magazine (this can be online if you don’t have an actual paper) and use the features checklist to see which articles include which. Do magazines use different features to newspapers? Maybe it depends on what the story is about? What do they have in common? Which ones do you think you must include in your report? You could keep examples to highlight and annotate if you wish but look at at least three different articles.
  2. Do some research to find your story. It would be good to write something current as it’ll be great to look back in the future and read about what’s happening today in your own words. There are lots of great things happening around the world where people are doing kind things for one another, finding ways to keep their spirits high and looking for the positives so aim to use one these stories.
  3. Use the worksheet to plan your report.
  4. Write a first draft and maybe start editing.
  5. Continue editing and produce a final version. You can do this using the template, a computer or draw up your own. Don’t forget to do the writing before the pictures. Perhaps your drawings could be your artwork that afternoon? Maybe you could make another version next week to extend your foundation subject learning? How would today’s situation be different during Roman times? What might the Anglo-Saxons have done if they couldn’t earn money selling their food produce/jewellery?

Reading and spellings as per last update.

Each foundation subject that I set up last week had enough exercises for a week, so you should have plenty to choose from. Whether you’re doing a different subject each day or one for the whole week these should last until half term. I will add some more suggestions next week if there are some other subjects you would prefer to the ones already set.

Please get in touch if you need anything. I’m on my email ( and Twitter (@Beech_WR).

Kind Regards,

Miss Eldridge