Back at school

The reception children started back refreshed after a week off school and were soon eagerly recounting their holiday news to friends and teachers! As our first piece of work after the holiday the children made their news writing into a book to share.

The children are taking part in the ‘Grow your own potatoes’ competition set up annually by the Potato Council. ( The children are provided with 4 ‘Rocket’ and 3 ‘Rudolph’ seed potatoes, 2 growing bags and full instructions. Monday was ‘chitting’ day, the process by which the potatoes are put ‘sprouts upwards in a box on a shelf to wait for 2 weeks for the sprouts to harden off. Planting will follow with the children following on the Potato Council’s web cam to see what their potatoes should be doing!Judging by the size of our seed potatoes we do not think it likely that we will be contenders for a prize!

The children have been very creative in their free play and as usual picture making is a firm favourite .

The three Little pigs has been read in several versions this week and acted out in small groups. The children all wanted to be the ‘big bad wolf’! They also watched a BBC program called ’Where I live’ and were getting very good at ‘signing words that the presenter demonstrated.

1st March St. David’s day gave the children a chance to learn a bit about the patron saint of Wales and make flags and daffodil badges to wear.

In ICT a small group of children tried out the Bee Bot app. This is free to download so if you have an I-pad take up this opportunity for your child to practise. We have also joined the ‘at home’ community for Espresso which is an interactive, video-rich classroom resource that we use in school to inspire and enrich the children’s learning through the use of ICT. You can access this resource at:
username: student2216
password: wransom