Another busy week in 5/6A

This week we had an assembly on anti-bullying where three guests came in to give us an example of bullying. They were very funny at times and very serious at other times. They picked a few children to play a part in the assembly and they were all amazing in the part. At the end they gave us a certificate saying ‘The William Ransom School says no to bullying.’ Hopefully everyone had a great time watching the assembly and hopefully the assembly had made a difference to bullying.

Also this week we had an assembly on train safety. Two guests came in, this time to talk about the dangers of being near a train track or being near a train. They told us how fast a train went, how heavy they are etc. I think everyone enjoyed the assembly and everyone should be safe around trains now.

By Ross

On Monday Class 2 and Key Stage 2 had a special assembly on bullying. ‘Firehorse Productions’ acted out a play called ‘The B Word’ where a new girl called Dani was getting bullied. Some people such as Tom Tingle from class ¾, Amelia Woods from 5/6W and Alev also from ¾ got to come up on ‘stage’ and show off their acting skills. Here is what Richard Bassindale said about it “I really enjoyed the show. I learnt a lot about bullying and how to cope with it.”

On Tuesday we had another special assembly on Railway Safety. Mr Beyer came in and talked about the railway and told us a lot of interesting facts. For instance, did you know a train weight the same as 80 elephants? He then gave every child a badge that lots of children wore.

On Wednesday, in science, 5/6A carried out a very interesting experiment. First we got into pairs or 3s and were given a template for a spinner. We cut it out carefully and folded down the drawn lines. Then we put the spinner in line with something straight. Some people used the top of the bookcase others used pictures hanging in the cloakroom but there was a huge spread of things to use. We dropped it 3 times on its own with no weight added. We then dropped it 3 times with 1 paperclip added and did it with 2 and 3 also. We timed it and saw if the time decreased or increased if we added weight.

On Monday and Tuesday we also, in literacy, were writing about what it’s like to eat food and we got to try some too. On Monday we had some ice cream. We chose raspberry ripple , mint choc chip, vanilla or chocolate. On Tuesday we had pizza either plain cheese and tomato, ham and pineapple or spicy meat .

On Thursday we started our topic on The Easter Story. We watched a video and have begun making our own triptychs.

By Abigail