Annual inter-house football and netball

The annual inter-house football and netball competitions mark the end of the season for these two sports. The dull afternoon of Friday 25th April did nothing to dampen the spirits of the players or the spectators.

The football was played with great spirit, with plenty of encouragement and bravado, all kept in check by Dain our Sports Apprentice and ref for the afternoon. The Neptune v Jupiter match was a 0-0 draw. Leighton scored the goal that gave Mars a 1-0 win against Saturn. Another 0-0 draw between Saturn and Neptune, a 2-0 win to Mars against Jupiter with goals by Leighton and Oliver. A 2-0 win to Mars over Neptune with goals from Charlie and Leighton and a 2-0 win for Saturn over Jupiter with goals from Taylor and Tommy was an exciting conclusion to the inter-house football.

Final scores after all games led to Jupiter gaining 4th place with 4 points, Neptune 3rd with 5 points, Saturn 2nd with 6 points and the winners for 2014 was Mars with 9 points.

Inter-House netball followed the Hi-Five format. Mars and Saturn played the first match with only 1 attempt on goal from Mars and finished a 0-0 draw. The 2nd game was slow to start with only 1 attempt by Emma from Jupiter in the first half. The second half was much more competitive with 2 goals from Rachel of Neptune and Lauren P getting one back for Jupiter, however Neptune got the 2-0 win. In the third game Jupiter were on fire! Halycon had 1 attempt and 3 goals and another 2 goals came from Annabel in the first half and 1 from Annabel in the 2nd half gave a 6-0 win to Jupiter. This was just what the supporters were waiting for.

The fourth game, Saturn against Neptune saw a 2-0 win for Saturn, both goals scored by Lauren D. The fifth game saw Ella from Jupiter score in the first half and Lauren P in the second half to give Jupiter a 2-0 win despite 2 magnificent tries by Molly who is in Saturn. The last game was very close with a 1-1 draw at half time with a goal from Katie O of Neptune and one from Rebecca of Mars. The second half saw Rachel rotate into a shooting position and score two great goals to give Neptune a 2-1 win.

Final scores after all games led to Mars gaining 4th place with 4 points, Saturn 3rd with 6 points and a draw on points between Neptune and Jupiter with 7 points each. To decide which team would win we had to look at goals scored. Neptune with 4 goals took 2nd place and the winners for 2014 was Jupiter having scored 9 goals.

Well done to all children who took part and played in such a good spirit. Well done to the supporters who ended the afternoon a bit damp after rain started during the fifth game. We hope to see all year 5’s who played today turning out when netball and football clubs commence in September.