And so another week passes!

Welcome to the summer term and what a strange start to a new term! I hope you all managed a change of routine over the 2-week break and found yourselves something different to do!

We are all trying to find a new way of working, of structuring our days and trying to keep moving forward.

Everyone is in a different situation and has to find their way of working. That means home learning will look very different for you all. This is not a competition! Enjoy this time with your children and do what works for you and them. When the children return to school we will talk to them all individually about what they have done, but we will not be marking individual pieces of work. We are more interested in the ‘life’ lessons they have learned. Have they learned a new skill? Use the activities set as a guide for the week but if you want to do something in a different way, go for it!

In 1665 during the plague pandemic Isaac Newton was stuck at home! During this time, he developed the theory of gravity. Best things come from having the time and space to think and be creative!

There may be times for some of you, when things might be becoming stressful. Remember, you are all doing an amazing job! We are not expecting you to teach your children new concepts, guide them in their consolidation work and encourage them to find out new things!

Please remember I am just at the end of an email! There is someone in school every day and there are plenty of people available if you require any support. You are not alone in this!

I would like to think we will be back in school before the end of the summer term so that we can end the academic year on a high but we will have to be led by the people who know!

What keeps me going is the messages I see on Twitter from you all and some of the ‘funnies’ I am sent on WhatsApp. We have to find something to make us laugh out loud every day, and we have to keep smiling!

Keep safe and well and be kind to one another!

Yours sincerely

Mary Driver