A win for the Year 3/4 tennis team!

Four children from years 3 and 4 played in the tennis tournament at Letchworth Tennis Club today.

It was William Ransom’s second year of entering this competition, which was held at Letchworth Tennis Club. It was a great experience for Calum, Samuel and Isabelle who took part as year 3’s last year with Abigail from the current year 3 joining them.

Played on the indoor courts, children entering the competition were not allowed to have played above red level at a tennis club. The children were ‘seeded’ boy 1 and boy 2, girl 1 and girl 2. When they played each school in their group, they played the child who was seeded the same as themselves.

William Ransom played Hartsfield first. Calum seeded 1, won his game 7-3, Samuel seeded 2, lost 5-7, Isabelle seeded 1 won her game 7-5 and Abigail won her game 7-6. A total of 26 points so a win for William Ransom.

The second game was against Lordship Farm and the results were, Calum 7-0, Samuel 1-7, Isabelle 2-7 and Abigail 7-0; 17 points against 14  points and a second win.

The third game against Pixmore 2 saw Calum win7-4, Samuel 7-4, Isabelle 7-4 and Abigail 7-0. 28 points and a third win.

The fourth game against St. Thomas Moore Calum 6-7, Samuel 3-7, Isabelle 7-5 and Abigail 7-1. 23 points.

The last game against St. Christopher’s saw a win for all players. Calum 7-2, Samuel 7-3, Isabelle 7-2 and Abigail 7-2;28 points.

With 5 wins and the highest number of points in the group, William Ransom had to play the final against  Pixmore A who were the winners of their group. All of the team played at the same time on different courts and there were a lot of long rallies. Callum’s 7-0 win really boosted the team score as the other three lost 5-7. As the final result was calculated on points scored rather than games won, so William Ransom won by just 1 point, 22-21.

Well done everyone; playing indoors on small courts, with sponge balls is something that cannot be practised easily at school and what a great group of children to take out. They concentrated brilliantly and played with true sporting spirit, winning and losing with such good sportsmanship. Thanks Calum’s parents for giving lifts and we look forward to receiving the trophy soon.