A musical start to the year!

Today Class 4/5 made a start on their first DT project of the year, musical instruments!

Like all good designers they assessed and evaluated what was already on the market. They were presented with a varied collection of instruments to look at and had to make a notes about what materials they were made from, how they were put together and how they made sounds. After analysing three different instruments, they then had a go at making their own prototypes. With only items that can be found around the home and classroom, the children made shakers and scrapers to explore the different effects they could create with the various items they were given. In addition, they were asked to make a drum and a string instrument, all with tins, elastic bands, greaseproof paper and anything they could get their hands on that was on their desks.

This week Miss Eldridge has set them homework to research the instrument they would like to make for themselves in the coming weeks. Once designed, they will construct them and papier mache them before decorating them ready to play! Keep checking back here for more updates on the photographs so you can see the progress their making!