5/6W Class Blog

Blog of the week


On Monday 5/6w split up for Maths, had an assembly then Literacy in the morning where Mrs Hall , Mrs Wheat and Miss Ayliffe taught us. We did lots of fun things involving Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

In English, we had to read instructions.  It was funny because we had instructions for lots of different card games. We got to play games and then had to decide which instructions were good and which were bad.

In the afternoon, we all came together again for I.C.T with Mrs Wheat. We went on Scratch (which is a programming website) and started making our own mazes for our characters.

After all of the fun, we did Music where we learnt about the saxophone where we had a sheet to fill out and an activity on the back. Then we went home!


On Tuesday, we split again but had an early assembly with Mrs Waite all about Tim Peake (the first British astronaut who is going into space to work for the ESA).

In English, we did a Big Write all about a pretend school break-in. We had to pretend we were reporters and write a newspaper report all about the suspects and include quotes from Mrs Driver, Mr Burrows and Mr Philipson.

Next, we had a Christmas play rehearsal. The choir are called the Golden Wonders and they went to practise songs while everyone else was in a class piece. In 5/6W we practised our…………Gymnastics piece! We are doing the Great Wall of China because the theme is the Seven Wonders of the World.


We split into our groups for Maths and Literacy with an assembly.

In the afternoon, we did Religion and Science.


Today, we started the day with an assembly all about a club which is starting soon called ‘Young Film makers’.  A man came in to tell us about the club and showed us a film.  At the end of the club, some people may get an Oscar (not a real one) for their short film.

In English, we followed instructions which taught us how to dance – it was very funny.  Then, we wrote our own instructions for things like: making a cup of tea or making a jam sandwich.

In the afternoon, we started making our Christmas tree decorations and rehearsed for the Christmas show.