5/6 Classes visit Cadbury World

As part of our Geography unit of work, the 5/6 classes took a trip up to Birmingham to visit the Cadbury factory. It was a long day but well worth the journey!

On arrival we were shown into the chocolate exhibition. Here we learned about the history and origins of chocolate from the time of the Aztecs through to modern day. We heard George Cadbury tell us about his very first shop and the chocolate he sold before then finding out about the process our Cadbury chocolate goes through before ending up in the shops.

The second part of the tour allowed us access to the packaging department of the factory and we were able to see the machines at work, wrapping the bars and sorting them into boxes.

Of course, the best part of the tour was when we got to have a taste of the liquid chocolate. Just helping towards quality control, obviously!

After lunch we learned all about the process of chocolate from 'bean to bar' and how Cadbury works with Fairtrade to ensure their cocoa farmers in Ghana are given a fairer deal in the chocolate making process.

It was a great day and despite being very tired on our return home, we had all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.