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Friday 26th April 2019
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21 May 2015

Blog from Wales by the Chair of Governors

Hello from sunny Wales.  Looking at the forecast at the start of the week, I didn't think I'd be saying that!  We've really been very lucky with the weather so far and tomorrow is looking good as well for our trip to Harlech castle and the beach.

Last year was my first year 6 school journey and I had a fantastic time. And this year is no different. It is hard work and they are very long days for all the staff (I'm writing this and it is again after midnight, and our usual staff meeting will be at 7am).  But they are very rewarding days when you see what the children are achieving. A truly educational experience for them.

Also, I feel a great sense of pride in the school, staff and children, when local people, like the lady who runs the gift shop in Caernarfon, makes a comment on the children's excellent manners and how well they had behaved in her shop. (Hint, some of you may be getting a present).

Monday was cold.  Every child made it to the second lake on Snowdon where we had a quick 10 minute lunch stop and then down the mountain before the hail moved in.  Note to Mrs Massey, gloves to be added to the kit list for next year.  We later found out the temperature on the actual summit was a windchilled minus 8!!

Tuesday was mostly dry whilst we were in Caernarfon and a great day was had in the castle and around town. At the conclusion of the town quiz, the treat was an ice cream (a superb lemon meringue one for me!).

Wednesday has certainly been the best day for weather, with some of us actually catching the sun whilst relaxing at the lake where the children produced some excellent water colour pictures. And a first for Mrs Driver and myself, conducting an interview with a journalist from the Comet about the possible school expansion, whilst on top of a mountain! (These journalists track you down wherever you may be).

The food here as usual has been superb. Cereals and cooked breakfasts, packed lunch (sandwich, crisps, cake, fruit, yoghurt, kitkat, water) and three courses in the evening. Much needed after the very active days.

I've added below some pictures which I've taken this week.

Now off to bed and must remember to put on the alarm as I mustn't be late for Mrs Driver's briefing...


  • At the start of the walk up Snowdon!

  • Starting the walk up Snowdon

  • Measuring the amount of rain in Jamies

  • Shall we go and find out how cold the water is?

  • Mrs Driver looking extremely glamorous!!

  • Listening to the guide at Caernarfon Castle

  • Doesn't it look an amazing place?

  • At the start of the walk over the mountain!

  • Waiting for the train!

  • Isn't this an idyllic spot?

  • A beautiful place to paint!