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Friday 26th April 2019
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2 Apr 2015

A busy term for the School Council!

The School Council have been busy this term, meeting regularly to discuss any issues raised by the members of their classes and organising some bigger events.

Their first job was to ensure that every class had a 'School Council suggestion box' so that ideas could be put forward more easily. Over a couple of lunchtimes, the School Council covered shoe boxes, made labels and distributed them around the classes.

Mrs Driver had raised a problem about parking around the school and the School Council was quick to respond. The Key Stage 2 members took it in turns to don high visibility jackets and look out for any cases of bad parking, noting down number plates of offenders!

This is what Edward and Rory had to say:

"A group of year 3, 4 and 6 pupils went outside in the morning and afternoon and looked out for bad parking. Edward, Rory, Bethia and Keziah watched after school and Samuel W, Leyla, Amelia and Namay watched before school. We had to wear high vis jackets (which none of the boys liked!) and wrote down the names of any cars' number plates that we thought (with our professional decisions) were parking badly. We did it for 2 weeks then wrote a letter with Mrs Driver about the difficulty of parking. We hope parents take note."

Finally, there was the excitement of Comic Relief. The School Council decided that they would like the event to be marked by a non-uniform day and also chose to make up a dance to the Comic Relief song, 'Put on a Funny Face', in which they were very ably guided by Mrs Mackilligan. Once the dance had been made up and practised, the School Council demonstrated and taught it to the whole school who then performed it (twice!) in the playground on the morning of 13th March. The School Council did an amazing job for this event and everyone was delighted with the results.

Leyla, Flo and Amelia wrote the following:

"Friday 13th March was red nose day and all the William Ransom pupils were dancing to 'put on a funny face'.

Lots of red noses were falling off but it was still fun. Everyone came to school in awesome clothes. We raised £410 (that was a lot of money) for charity. There were nine noses and they were: Supernose, Stripy, Snotty Professor, Snorbit, Astrosnort, Nosebot, Snortel, Karate Konk and Snout Dracula."

  • Getting off to a good start

  • Making some great boxes

  • Precise work!

  • Proud of their work

  • Ready and waiting...

  • Smiles on the job

  • If you were planning to park badly - beware!

  • Demonstrating the dance to the school

  • 'Put on a funny face!'

  • Time for the whole school to get involved

  • Leading the dance for the whole school 'on the day'

  • Everyone got involved!