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Monday 21st January 2019
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31 Jan 2014

Look at what Our Textile Club have produced!

Mrs Melaniphy works with a group of artists after school on Mondays and they have produced some wonderful work!

They have been learning different techniques for decorating a background using a range of materials.

They started by making a collage of coloured papers. They used PVA glue to bond their collage to some muslin. When it was dry they painted it.
All of the pupils made a design in their notebooks.

They learned to use a product called Bondaweb to fuse different fabrics and foils together.
They stitched beads onto the lengths of ribbon and chose some images to use as a centre of interest.
Some of the pupils chose to cut out their initials using the fabric they had dyed earlier.

They painted synthetic fabric called Lutrador which does not fray so they could cut it into different shapes and apply it to their background.
They screwed up brown paper, smoothed it out and applied it with Treasure Gold!
They added interesting and unusual buttons to their finished designs with motifs such as flowers and butterflies.

Thank you to Mrs Melaniphy for all her hard work with the textile group.

  • There are some lovely touches on this one!

  • Some careful stitching here

  • Look closely on the designs here

  • A sparkly design on this one!

  • This has some strong colours!

  • Who might this belong to?

  • There is some careful detail on this one!

  • The beaded stars on this are lovely!

  • Thank you Mrs Melaniphy for helping us all!