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Monday 21st January 2019
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15 Jul 2013

Spanish Club visit Pizza express!

The Spanish Club finished their work this term with a visit to Pizza Express! You might wonder why the Spanish Club visit an Italian restaurant, but Mrs Ward had arranged for a Spanish Waiter to serve the children.

They all had to order their food in Spanish, have a conversation with him and discuss what they liked about the meal!

It was great fun and all the children were a credit to the school.

They all want to say a big Thank you to Mrs Ward for running Spanish Club this year, they have all had a great time!

  • Charlie deciding what to eat!

  • All ready to order, now what is Spanish for Pizza?

  • Looking forward to a meal!

  • All ready to pay when the time comes!

  • Now, what shall I have for dessert?

  • All of the menu looks so appetising!

  • I hope the food gets here soon!

  • Waiting patiently for the food to appear!

  • I think I would like chocolate gelati!!

  • So much to choose from!

  • Nathan talking in Spanish to order his food!