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Friday 26th April 2019
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'The William Ransom School aims to provide all its pupils with the highest possible educational opportunities. We believe that the best education is the entitlement of every child and this is realised at this School within a structured, disciplined, caring and safe environment where expectations are high.'

10 May 2013

Blob Monsters!

This week the children at Art and Craft club made blob monsters. They blobbed paint onto sugar paper and used straws to blow the paint into unusual 'monster' shapes. They then added googly eyes and drew arms and legs to create their monsters. This group enjoyed mixing lots of colours to create their monsters. They had to wash their hands (and their faces!) thoroughly when they had finished!

  • Joshua and Joseph

  • Getting messy!

  • The monsters are starting to take shape

  • Blowing the paint

  • Getting creative with the colours

  • Oriana, Eve and Samuel

  • Eve, Samuel and Samantha

  • Oriana and Eve