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Tuesday 19th November 2019
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30 Oct 2019

Ronald Weasley visits Year 1!

Last week, Year 1 were visited by Ronald Weasley – the hedgehog!

Mary, from Hetties Helpers Hedgehog Rescue in Letchworth, came into school to talk to Year 1 all about hedgehogs. She told us they have over 7,000 spines, which they can turn towards predators to protect themselves. They are nocturnal and hibernate in the colder months. Hedgehogs are very short sighted and only see in black and white but have a very good sense of smell and hearing to help them hunt for insects and worms. They drink water but not milk as this can make them ill.

Then we all got to meet Ron! We were very quiet so that he wasn’t frightened as Mary removed him from his blanket.

She also told us how we could make our gardens a safer place for hedgehogs.

• Make small holes in fences to create a hedgehog highway.

• Have a wild corner with leaves, grass and bits of wood to encourage insects.

• Remove any litter and nets that hedgehogs might get stuck in.

• If you have a pond, make a shallow side so they can get out easily if they fall in.

  • Ronald Weasley visits Year 1!

  • Ronald Weasley visits Year 1!

  • Ronald Weasley visits Year 1!

  • Ronald Weasley visits Year 1!